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Whiteboard Easels

Primary education is very different in the 21st century from our own experiences growing up in the long lost 1900s. As someone with children at both primary and secondary schools, it is a constant revelation to walk into a contemporary teaching environment and witness just how far things have progressed.

For instance, instead of rows of wooden desks, all pointing forwards towards the teacher, early learners are now encouraged to move between different learning areas, with a little less structure to their time and more time – and space – given over to independent learning, and to encouraging their own educational interests. The doors between the indoor and outdoor teaching areas of the reception stage classrooms where my own children go, for instance, are kept open. The children can freely move between, depending on their mood and interest. And chalk? Don’t even get me started. Soooo last century!

If the reduction in chalk means my own primary teacher would have to reach for something else as ammunition to ping at chattering children, there have been many other interesting developments. The blackboard, for instance – that somewhat threating slab of black at the front of class, standing like the obelisk in the movie “2001” – has given way to much more interactive teaching methods, and equipment. Whiteboards, mounted on A-frame easels, provide a much more satisfying way of teaching, whether that be via the teacher’s own instruction, or else encouraging the children to engage in their own creativity.

As you will see from the fabulous range of whiteboard and easel combinations available from Youngstart, these can provide the solution to any teaching space, and varied requirements.

Larger, single easels are designed for teaching at the front of the class, and illustrating the points being made. If the whiteboard is needed to enable the childrens’ own creativity, there are designs that take in two, three and even four sides, so that as many children as possible can join in. Of course this makes such designs perfect for both individual and group work. In terms of the classroom, if space is at a premium, certain models can be folded flat and then stored away. Equally, most of the easels are fully adjustable, should there be children (or even adults!) of various heights, or wheelchairs to be accommodated beneath the easel.

Whether for free standing or desktop use, the whiteboard is really the central, most versatile piece of classroom equipment. Multipurpose and lightweight, the whiteboard can be used anywhere in the school, both inside and out… great for both classroom activity, and for flip chart presentations. The boards are magnetic and dry wipe clean, and come with a ledge for pen and books and trays for storage.

Of course Youngstart are happy to guarantee the stability of our range of high quality, premium whiteboards, as these easels have been designed with the highest levels of safety in mind. The range has been designed and manufactured at our own facilities and all the products have been road-tested – if you will – at many schools throughout the country, with fabulous results. Schools often buy multiples for each classroom, to allow every child the chance to indulge their creativity.

Our whiteboards fulfill all requirements and are suitable for both teaching with the children, and then perhaps with presentations amongst adults, once the children have left for the day. Truly the ideal multipurpose teaching aid for any classroom!

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